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Hello there! My name is Damon Caskey and I welcome you to Chrono Crash, home of the official OpenBOR community and development team. OpenBOR is the ultimate 2D gaming engine with over 10+ years of active development behind it.

OpenBOR allows you build anything from a simple button masher to elaborate projects easily rivaling the most lavish professional offerings. Download one of the dozens of ready to play game modules available here, or just grab the engine and start up one of your own!

Have you always wanted to build your own dream game but never had the tools? Do you have an interest in the golden era of side scrolling platforms and beat 'em ups? Like gaming in general? Perhaps you are a coder yourself and want to join our team? Maybe you'd just like to banter a bit with a friendly online community. Come on in, you’ve found the right place!

Current Staff

Damon Caskey:     Site Owner     OpenBOR Developer
Plombo: Administrator OpenBOR Developer
MatMan: Administrator
O Ilusionista: Administrator
White Dragon: OpenBOR Developer
Piccolo: OpenBOR Developer
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