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  • I want to let you guys know is that I'm almost done with the pain slam sprites of the characters of my Real Bout Pro Wrestling project. I apologize that I've been taking so long with its development, but I had to deal with working at Home Depot and trying my hand of making the mugen characters of Denjin Makai's Rou and Venus De Milo, I'll try and post a third update of my wrestling project sometime next month.
    Hey guys I just wanted to stop by and inform you that Mordred's storyline for Knights of the Round Annihilation is almost finished. I finished stage 10 and now I'm working on stage 11 and the final stage. The cutscenes are all completed, and now the third update of the game is just around the corner. Stay tuned my friends!! 😎👍
    Good morning guys, I'm afraid that i have bad news. The website where i been making my cutscenes for my KotRA project is somewhat not working throughout last month. So i might have to delay the game project for the time being.
    Hey everyone, Yesterday was my birthday! I'm going to start uploading previews of stage 7, 8, and 9 from KotRA and Melania's gameplay from Real Bout Pro Wrestling on YouTube real soon, so stay tuned!! 😁
    Working on stage 7, 8, and 9 of Mordred's storyline from my Knights of the Round Annihilation project. And I'm planning to add Reggie and Layla from Dragoon Might to my Real Bout Pro Wrestling project soon after adding Natasha from Fighter's History Revenge.
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