Dungeons and Dragons: Rise of Warduke

Dungeons and Dragons: Rise of Warduke 0.1.0

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Warduke is set to ravage the land - but you are an upstart adventurer, an expert at your chosen profession. Traveling the countryside you'll take on quests, hunt monsters and seek mysterious items of lore to make yourself grow ever stronger. Survive long enough and you'll become a force even Warduke must reckon with. If he IS the true enemy...

Select your champion from 13 stalwart characters. Choose the sly, witty thief to outmaneuver any challenge with stealth and guile. Become a battle hardened fighter, trained to handle the best weapons and armor money can or can't buy. As the Wizard, wield untold arcane magics to blast or befuddle your foes. Step out of the church as a devout Cleric, combat ready and manifesting the divine might of your gods. Meet evil head on as a fearless Paladin who empowers himself with sheer faith and courage alone. Maybe a take a more nuanced approach with a dabbler type who blends the best of several skill sets. All these and many more await your call!
  • Complete dozens of quests.
  • Over 40 spells to learn and cast.
  • Buy and Sell Equipment.
  • Solve Puzzles and Traps.
  • Find Treasure.
  • Random encounters.
  • Wager gold in the arena.
  • Joust for prizes.
  • Hire mercenaries.
  • Buy lanterns and lockpicks.
  • Find secret dungeon rooms.
  • Recharge magic wands.
  • Special inventory screen.

Count Monte
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I like this game. Read the game guide as for why. I think I have an edited BORpak as well where I fixed some of the starting positions for the left (1st) and right (2nd) player. Here is the Google Drive link (anyone can view & download) — https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxHKLe-QyHlQaWg1MHR6dndyS3c?resourcekey=0-t9rQHg78z4D2cBVSR7dkJw
Marvelously ambitious. It's just brought down by lot of of horribly choppy animations and bad sprite clashing. Strong Heart is probably the worst of it, but some of the backgrounds have similar issues.

There are also quite a few bugs that needed ironing out before release. Should have used the scripted filestream system for persistence instead of relying on save game.
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