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Fatal Fury Rebout 2

Fatal Fury Rebout 2 3.0

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This sequel to Fatal Fury Rebout adds all new stages, more characters, and an energy system to the Rebout mix.

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I would give 1.5 stars.
THis game is slightly better than the first one.
Have more charcters, some interesting game modes with Good or Evil path choice.
More special moves (still horrible to execute)
More interesting levels.
But 75% of the game is the same mess as the first in term of quality.

I also had to tweak it to accept to play the full game.
SEEP is back with another Fatal Fury, and sadly not much improved. See my review on the first Fatal Fury Reboubt, as all the fundamental complaints apply here.

The MP system is a nice idea, and the color loss, while still noticeable, isn’t nearly as bad. The cut scenes are also much better quality, and you get an initial roster of five characters to the previous offering’s four. That’s where the improvements stop.

The first game used a ton of disparate sprites from an art design standpoint, but this one says hold my beer and adds mismatched dimensions to the mix. At one point you’ll be going up against guys straight out of Three Count Bout. The colors might be better, but if anything, animations are even worse now. My favorite gaff is characters flying across the screen while stuck in a transition frame until they land. Sound design took a nosedive too. At least the first Rebout had a kicking soundtrack. This one relies on remixed themes that just can’t hold up.

Put simply, Rebout 2 is a bad fangame, a bad sequel, and just plain bad. Grab it if you are a collector, but otherwise I'd say stay away.
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