Fatal Fury Rebout

Fatal Fury Rebout 1.0

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Created by Seep team, this game reskins the orginal BOR to let you re-live the story of Fatal Fury. Take down the evil Geese Howard as Terry, Joe, Andy or Master Tung!

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When the game was anounced, I have to admit I felt hyped :
Having the chance to play Fatal Fury characters in a game telling their story etc.
But After testing the game, it was nearly impossible to enjoy 1st stage.
Many things are off. Hitboxes, characters extremely slow, nearly impossible to do some commands...

I have to admit that to finish and enjoy the game a bit, I had to tweak many things, just to make the game playable.
But I had to endure the horrible color loss, when some of the enemies are still interesting headswaps :)

Sounds and musics are good, but so over the top compared to the game itself.

I still keep this game for nostalgy, but I never play it for so long.
No pulling punches – this game is bad. We’re not talking BOR re-skin bad… I mean this thing is monumentally awful. It’s almost like the creators went out of their way to make the biggest mess they could.

First, the fundamentals are dreadful end to end, starting with color loss. Why? At the time OpenBOR already offered 32bit color, but even BOR’s 8bit mode supported far more colors per level than the original Fatal Fury ever put on screen. Offsets and sequencing are even worse. Enemies and players alike slide, juke, and jitter their way through animations to an almost comical degree. Stage design is pitiful, with (among many other issues) enemies and objects appearing on the screen from nowhere.

Those are the standouts, but all the other common mistakes are here too. There's poor collision, fake difficulty, and hard to control characters, to name a few. Worst of all, it’s just plain boring to play – a hallmark of virtually every SEEP offering that came after. The one bright spot is the soundtrack. SNK’s original themes are used well, as are tracks from the animated movie series.

SEEP Team would later become infamous for claiming they built the OpenBOR engine. As mentioned above they would also go on to create several other games of dubious quality, but at least some of them have minor improvements over this dumpster fire.
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