Fighter Factory Studio

Fighter Factory Studio

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Fighter Factory is a rich and powerful game development environment produced by VirtuallTek Game Studios. It was originally designed around Mugen, but over time has branched out to become an invaluable tool for any sprite based engine.

In addition to its full featured development studio, Fighter Factory also offers image, palette, and sound editing features specifically designed for game assets. Even if you have access to expensive tools like Adobe's Creative Suite, you will quickly discover Fighter Factory has time saving features these environments lack or omit.

Fighter Factory supports Windows 32/64, MacOS, and Linux.

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It's the definitive tool for working on Mugen. Synthax color, sound edit, sprite edit, palette edit, throw creation and many other good stuff.

Some of its tools can be used to work with OpenBOR too, like the palette editor (it's the easiest and powerful palette editor I ever saw), create palette from all the images, apply the palette to all images and even the sff creator to get easy axis positions.
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