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Fighters History Revenge

Fighters History Revenge 16.10.2016

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Tired of those chumps from more famous franchises stealing the spotlight? Here's your chance for revenge! Pick your favorite representative from Data East's lawyer bait flagship and take out your frustrations on a gang of even lessor known rivals.

Pick up a few friends from ADK along the way. Go for style - the more points you get, the stronger you become!


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3.80 star(s) 10 ratings

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Another solid beat'em up from Pierwolf, quality arcade style side scroller action with a fast paced style that will give your thumbs a work out. It will get repetitive after awhile from fighting the same mobs but it got some fighters from fighters history and characters from other lessen known 2d fighters like Dankuga. Give it a shot
Some of the more satisfiying mod in term of pure fighting.
If you like fighting games, you will have great feedbacks by playing this mod.

Initial characters like Ray or Marstorius from FH series are really pleasing to play. Lot of possible moves and combos.

I was glad to see some of ADK's AODK characters as hidden characters. Kisarah Westfield could have been a good addition to the roster, before the empty slow is taken by Kazuya a bit out from nowhere in this ADK hidden characters roster.

Some bosses would have been great characters to play as well. Like Condo Heads from Breakers revenge etc.

Beside of that, I regret there is no run (of course most of these characters are from games without run) Giving a bit a feeling of slow heavy characters.

If you like big heavy strong men. This game is certainly for you :)

To me, this game is a success, even if some elements could have been better / polished.

I would rate it 3.5/5
This is an alright time-waster with disappointing surprises and nice graphics. The story here is that riots are happening, and Ray and some of the other FH characters have to stop them. Sadly, not everyone made it in; several FH characters serve as the game's enemies, and three more make no role whatsoever. Unlockable characters are from Aggressors of Dark Kombat, but not all of them made it in; while the bosses are from more varied sources. Strangely enough, the final boss is Shigen Naoe, with no effort made to make his sprites look more "vintage" with that fresco/bas relief look older fighting games had. Character movesets are intermediate, with moves from their home series being translated into beat em up format with a handful of buttons. I agree with Caskey about the lack of variety in the game, but the secret character is one of the most disappointing I've ever seen.
There's a lot of fun here, and it has all the polish we've come to expect from the creator. Animations are perfect and all the moves have plenty of impact and ouch factor - especially the slams.

Why only three stars? The problems start about halfway through the game. Once you collect the unlockable characters (mostly sourced from ADK and a lot more interesting than the Data East guys) and level up your fighters, there just isn't much motivation to go on.

There's no platforming, no variance in stage design, and not much fighting strategy other than run away building meter, throw out your super move, rinse and repeat. The game quickly devolves into a slog fest with massed groups of high health enemies that just take far too long to power through. The level up system is a cool idea but doesn't really do much other than increase your own health, and enemy damage scales enough it doesn't really matter.

Even with all those issues, what is here is high quality work and great to fire up as a time killer now and then.
The game has the traditional Pierwolf brand: it looks like a real professional game, not something made by fans. The game's throws give the real impression of impact.

It's a fun game to play, but it gets repetitive over time. Maybe one day the author will revisit this game and bring new things :)
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