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Do you really need a story? Select one of three pilots and their signature space fighter model, fly forward and blow up as much stuff as you can. Grab power ups along the way, and make every ship in your fleet count - there's no continues here! Do you have what it takes for a Hyper Duel?

Hyper Duel was created and released by @BonusJZ. It is one of the first fully functional shooters powered by OpenBOR.

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How to Play​

There's no in game guide or manual, and no continues! The only way through is 1cc or game over, so read on if you want to last long.


  • Left, Right, Up, Down - Maneuver your fighter to avoid shots and target enemies.
  • Shoot - Fire your main weapon (see below).
  • Force Field - Hold to activate your shield (see below).
  • Beam Shoot - Fire your ultimate weapon (see below).

Energy Reserve​

Some actions require use of your ship's energy reserve. Amount remaining is indicated by the blue meter below your current score. Spent energy gradually recovers over time.

Main Armament​

All three ships share the same main armaments.


Press or hold Shoot to fire long range shots. Collect power ups from certain enemies to increase coverage and effectiveness.

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Cease firing for a few seconds to automatically activate your burst weapon. This is a continuous short range blast that is risky to use but very powerful. Instantly destroys enemies that otherwise take several shots to bring down.

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Force Field​

Hold the Force Field button to raise your shields. This protects you from enemy shots and collisions. The force field continuously drains your energy reserve while active. You cannot use the force field if energy is too low.


Secondary Armament​

Each ship has a unique set of secondary weapons that set it apart.

Intense fire​

Hold Shoot for a few seconds and release to unleash your Intense Fire weapon. As an example, Lisa's M. Mustang fires a sustained pair of beams good for strafing enemy groups, while Lloyd's P. Smasher launches a salvo of homing missiles.


Beam Shoot​

Press Beam Shoot to fire your ultimate weapon. This can cause tremendous damage, but requires nearly all of your energy reserve to use.

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I was wondering why I never went with this module, and after having tried it then comparing it with the original ROMware, I know the chief problem — the transformation (alt-fire mode where your spaceship is a mecha) is not supported.

While this is a good effort for an OpenBOR project, essentially, you are only playing ½ of the original game. The disabling of the cheats is something also heinous for a person who is used to adjusting dipswitches on every game before playing one.
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