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@masterderico's deliciously macabre take on the beat em up' up genre. Step into vile Jennifer's demonic shoes and rip your way through an atmospheric tale of psychosis that will stretch the senses and shock you at every turn. Wield a sickening array of moves and weapons to tear down your foes. Smell the fear spread as you shred enemies to pieces with gory screen coating fatalities.

Paint the walls with innards of those who thought to oppose you. Experience the horror, be the horrific. Do what must be done!


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Haunting bloody good fun! One of the best OBOR games.
While I appreciate the original work put into this BORpak., the difficulty of the enemies and the un-needed (no purpose?) finisher move hampers the smooth flow of combat.

The dodge mechanic is capped with a stamina meter to prevent you from dodging in / out endlessly to combo enemies to death. Not like this matters for some later enemies, who will simply kill your player in one hit (the Angel enemies, or the Silent Hill mannequin dolls). In fact, one of the biggest turn-offs for this game is not the edgy themes (child molestation, incest, etc.), but the dodgy enemy balancing and some UI faults (i.e., try locating a much needed weapon if you drop it in a sea of dead enemy bodies).

Enemies go from the ridiculously easy (you can combo them to death) vs. enemies that require constant spamming of your special moves or cheap attacks to stun-lock them so you can defeat them. One boss required using an environmental trap to defeat it, but here again, the unpolished movement mechanics meant that you took unnecessary damage from the floor trap in order to lure the boss to where it took damage.

Jumping is seldom used (maybe for attacking a few aerial enemies here and there). What you do need is to get your motions down for the special attacks, as some enemies (the Bebe enemy, notably) cannot be defeated without resorting to special moves.

As for the knife finisher, it would have been nice to incorporate it into the combo chain instead of tacking it on as a separate attack. Knife attacks also serve no in-game purpose, as enemies who die from it do not noticeably leave useful health drops or other items.

I would have liked to finish this game, but I can't, since the enemies are unbalanced, and the means to defeat them are limited. It's a shame, because I had more fun playing SOR Silent Hill ( than this original work.
Your review has good points, but overall i disagree.

And try the dash move and you'll not be hurt by the spikes on the floor, just a tip!

Thanks for the review and keep playing what u like!

The combat mechanics are fun and the adult themes are a nice change scenery from the usual. The "horror" aspect of the game isn't subtle at all and gets borderline edgy for edge sake at times and it's not a long game with any replay value so don't go into this expecting to spend a whole evening gawking at nude corpses while perfecting your combo extensions.
The story was created by me and a friend. Maybe looks "adgy for the sake of adge", but was a hard work put all the plot together with "poems" that makes sense for the story and at the same time subjective.
It's like some of those A24 movies, lol. Try replay the game and pay attention to what the game tells you and the details in the actual game!

And thank you very much for the review!!
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