Justice League Legacy

Justice League Legacy 2021-09-20

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Select your hero from over 70 characters from all across the DC Universe and take on a monumental quest. From Batman to B-listers, you're sure to find a favorite! Hours and hours of exploration await you. Grab your mask and hit the streets today!


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Simply the very best DC Comic video game ever made. I loved everything about it. Even if your favorite character is a bit obscure it's likely to be in the game if not playable. Spectre's always been my favorite. Bit OP, so he's just a story character but still was cool to see him pop up. The NPC buddy is excellent for people like myself with no one to play Beat'Ems with. The selection of PCs is insane, the amount of levels is insane, the gameplay changes are fun, the inclusion of SOR2 levels was genius, the post-game gameplay is also excellent. The art was great, my 4 year old daughter saw Star Saphire and was all "OMG she is soooo pretty!" So I ended up playing as her quite a bit because I did not anticipate this game being a father-daughter bonding experience but she absolutely loved watching Star. This is one of the best games in the genre period, BOR or otherwise and I can't possibly thank ZVitor enough for the memories and fun. Just really excellent work all the way around.

Thank you ZVitor, you are legend.
There are (as I see it) three good modules for superheroes on OpenBOR, this one (Justice League Legacy), Marvel Infinity War (https://www.chronocrash.com/forum/index.php?resources/marvel-infinity-war.138/) and Avengers United Battle Force (https://chronocrash.com/forum/index.php?resources/avengers-united-battle-force.43/).

The Justice League module is the only one that works with an NPC buddy in solo-play mode (although you have co-op mode as well), and the level of difficulty is not insane to the level of impossibility (provided you are playing the right hero character). As long as you are earning lives from scoring points, you should be decently OK (but cheats are available if you need the extra help).

The quality of the tutorials, the balance of the health and energy / mana restoration items, and the surprise reality jump 2/3's of the way through the complete campaign make this BORpak stand out above the others.

The downside would be that picking the wrong character means you will be stuck in some of the platforming levels. Enemies are repetitive, and can be placed in bad spots that pretty much shut down your progress and prevent you from progressing further into this otherwise amazing game (infinite credits, not health or lives, will help you pick a different hero if that happens).
70 characters with original moves! nice graphics!
wow! incredible work and really great game!!
An Awesome game! One of the best.
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