Knights and Dragons - The Endless Quest

Knights and Dragons - The Endless Quest 3.3

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The land is vast and the maps are blank. For the brave and bold, every new path could lead to untold riches... or a gruesome death.

Choose one of five adventuring classes and embark on an open world journey. Gather treasure and build experience to become ever more powerful. You're going to need all the strength you can muster for the battles ahead.

Finish the task and you'll discover all new heroes and tests to enjoy. Grab two of your friends to come along for a three player throw down. The quest is truly endless!

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The King of Dragons returns to its D&D roots in spectacular fashion, alongside its fantastical brethren, in one megagame. The game expands upon the simple controls of KOD to modernize them and make them truer to D&D, with motion command spells alongside breakout attacks. The game has an EXP system to gain character levels when foes are defeated and treasure is acquired. In addition to the 5 original classes, there are many other unlockable classes, one of which is a recognizable pastiche of Weaponlord's Korr. Characters use an inventive block system which allows you to deflect hits, but don't spam it; you'll get tired if you block too long, and become open to attack. Battles become exciting dances of thrusts and parries at best. The game's enemy roster comes from a mix of many Capcom games, blended together in fantastic ways; the Bugbears from Magic Sword are enlarged with the help of Warriors of Fate sprites, harpys from the King of Dragons swarm around you, and more. The game is excellent, but not for everyone; the game notably has an all-male roster throughout, which while true to the original game, may not gel with everyone.
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