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Amazing job! I will love to play a full game openbor for Sailor Moon. I know its just a demo and will be a lot of things to be added on future. If i can do suggestions... My English isn't good, but i'll try... The Sailors could use their powers without the need of crystals. Maybe use the crystals just for a specific Hyper Move, but not for all their powers. The normal powers could use a magic bar that fills automaticly.
OpenBor has some of the best Golden Axe games ever created:

Golden Axe Warriors: great.
Golden Axe Myth: phenomenal.

And now we have this diamond gem added to the list.

Golden Axe Returns is by far the best Golden Axe game ever released either official or fan made. Hands down, that is a fact. The creator Zvitor has surpassed himself with this one. Each character is truly unique, by using their weapons or even fists and kicks (!!) and each character is using the weapons differently. Adding to that different magics, and paths and you have so much reliability that Golden Axe games was never known for.

One of Zvitors' past game issues is enemies placement, which has been so well addressed on this one. They are never overwhelming on the screen, and just enough and varied to keep the game going. Stages are a mix up of the originals with custom made touches, and they are so detailed and "live" in the 90s unique way. Truly impressed by that. Also, there is story in the game! A very basic one, but hey it there. Can you imagine?

Now, I won't lie, I personally edited the players to be faster, enemies slower, less energy (to die faster) and narrowed down their difficulty. This resulted to me enjoying the game to its fullest potential. But this is just me. The game is truly amazing as it already is. And that's why I love OpenBor engine so much. Each one of us can adjust the games enough to their personal preferences.

So there you have it. One of the best OpenBor games ever made, and the best Golden Axe game ever released. What are you waiting for 90s slash'em up gamers? Go and have some fun!!

6 stars out of 5, the game is that good.
Zvitor: THANK YOU!!
This game plays perfectly is what I would consider to be a love letter to the first three NES games.
This is a huge improvement to the original game with more moves, slams, and a much faster gameplay style.
A close second favorite to maggas epic Double Dragon mod. This is to me what I wanted from World Heroes a 2d beat em up with the classic heroes of Hanzo, Fuuma, Kim Dragon, Muscle Power and more
Another great game by the impeccable Zvitor this time with MK characters from the original 2d games in a blood splattering and bone crushing slugfest
Probably one of the best marvel themed mods out there in terms of replayabilty. From the huge character roster to remakes of classic marvel beat em ups on the SNES Arcade and Genesis, You can't go wrong with by downloading this gem of epic comic book goodness
Another solid beat'em up from Pierwolf, quality arcade style side scroller action with a fast paced style that will give your thumbs a work out. It will get repetitive after awhile from fighting the same mobs but it got some fighters from fighters history and characters from other lessen known 2d fighters like Dankuga. Give it a shot
One of the better double dragon mods out there along with MrQs incredible Super Double Dragon mod.
I love playing this game!!! Combining Double Dragon with WWF Superstars was the best decision ever. Slamming, pile driving, stomping, & elbowing enemies is just awesome. I wish you could also play as Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase, & Honkytonk Man.
Classic but new. The gateway drug to OpenBOR.
As a die hard MK fan, this is one of my personal favorites. Captures the atmosphere of the MK universe. Fun classic characters.
For Jennifer in Games
Haunting bloody good fun! One of the best OBOR games.
For OpenBOR in Engine
As a program, Beats of Rage is a simple but masterful work of code from a developer who’s likely forgotten more than I’ll ever know. Crafted in less than ten months, it would go on to become the basis for OpenBOR and deserves credit for helping to spawn much of today’s independent game making community.

What about the game though? Does it hold up? I may catch flak for this, but my answer is a flat NO. I first encountered BOR in late 2004, and I was ecstatic. All new Streets of Rage experience with Neo-Geo graphics and effects. Are you kidding me? SOLD! Then I played it… and shut it off on the first level. Since then, I only completed the game just to make a fair review.

First, the graphics. Sure, they’re from SNK, but all sharing 256 colors (128 for the characters) and it shows. This instantly defeats the whole purpose of having Neo-Geo assets. I’ll take Streets of Rage 2’s artwork built around its palette limitations any day. Animations are all statically timed and there's no transitions, giving the whole game a stiff and disjointed feeling. For example, when you jump, you simply go from standing to flight and back again instantly. You do get some nice blending effects, something the Neo-Geo famously lacks, but overall it's big a step down even from NES games. The sound isn’t much better. For whatever reason, the devs elected to use SOR3’s sound effects, giving hits the impact of wet paper. The music isn’t bad, but it’s a rather odd mix that never seems to match the stage.

Gameplay is the worst aspect. There’s a reason we say BOR Clone Syndrome. Try throwing someone and notice it’s not an actual throw. You just sort of mime an awkward motion and the enemies are slung backward like a bath towel - completely disconnected from your own animation. This is what I refer to in other reviews when I lament the slinging towel throw. There’s no side switching, no slams, no running, no dodging, no combos, and no unique character abilities other than Max’s slightly higher HP. In short, you don’t even get the basics of Final Fight or Double Dragon, never mind Streets of Rage. There's also no stage interactivity or variety at all. Walk left to right, ride an occasional elevator, the end. Again, NES beat em' ups did more than this.

If this was about one of the reskin jobs you might give a pass for engine limitations of the time, but these guys were building the engine. They had total control over game design. I will say the fundamentals are solid. You won’t find bad offsets, broken level design, or any of the other typical fangame mistakes here. Still, I never understood the hype. Middling graphics and mechanics surpassed by games from the 80’s. Why was this exciting?

Of course, over nine million people disagreed with me and I’m glad they did – now over a decade later I’m the caretaker of its legacy. Hard to believe all that started here.
In 3 words: I LOVE IT!

Remaining faithful to its source material, this game feels like an Enhanced version of the original. Tight and responsive controls, are making this feel like an official release from the 90s. It's biggest achievement is that it managed to make it fun through it's simplicity and pick and play core gameplay mechanic. Amazing game. After this release, I don't see any reason to go back to the original. PLAY IT!
It has the BEST grappling system out of all 2D beatemups I played, each character has multiple directional throws, and some have multiple throw combos and situational attacks. Just how I like my brawlers!

Check out other work by magggas, his OpenBOR games are the best. Especially for wrestling fans.
Rushing Beat (Rival Turf in the USA) was always an odd game. It had some novelties here and there but was otherwise a boring low rent Final Fight wannabee. Yet it still had an odd charm and could be addicting at times.

Thankfully this fan remake takes those addicting qualities and adds a few touches to offset the bad. The best part is your move sets got a little boost. The mostly luck-based grab from behind moves are now available from a front grab, adding some variety and strategy. There are still alternate throws if you manage to get behind an opponent, and these are now extra painful. There are even some hidden extras, like Rick pinning his enemy and delivering a multi-part beatdown. Angry mode made the transition and used right it can turn the tables in a fight quickly. The absurd enemy HP pools are toned down a bit as well.

That said, the balance is still tipped heavily in their favor. Enemies always have priority over your moves, and in later stages they’ll KO you with a couple of hits. Unlike the original, you are NOT invincible when angry. You won’t flinch from hits, but damage still accrues. Weapons are useless. You wield them with all the urgency of a pot head playing disk golf and they have even less priority than your bare hands. When you do connect, the damage is comparable to a wet sock. Guns are powerful if you can get some space, but ammunition is severely limited. One last thing – at least half the cast have something against your family jewels!

Somehow though, it still feels fair. Everything is against you, but thanks to solid fundamentals it’s against you in a consistent kind of way. So, if you like a stiff challenge, this might be just what you’re looking for.

I usually prefer more advanced move sets, but there’s some hidden depth here and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a pickup and play kind of game that gets all the basics right. I’d like to see a similar take on later entries in the series.
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