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I was really excited to check this game out after watching a few YouTube videos talking about how interesting the openworld and story elements were. RPG like and stuff. It really got me interested.
Oh boy, what a letdown!
First of all, the worst thing in all this mess is something not many people care for in games like I do. The dialogue, or what passes for it. It is the most juveline stuff I ever saw in a game. The writing is atrocious, and the characters spend a great proportion of the dialogues boxes performing a poor imitation of Beavis and Butt-Head laughs. Like the whole box filled with "Hehehehehe HEHEHEHE hehehe". Obnoxius much?
This fact alone would make me hard to play this game even if the gameplay was the best in the world. Sadly, it is not. The combat just doesnt feel right, nor intuitive. I had to resort to button mashin different combinations and hope it sticks. There are times that something really cool happens, but I had no idea how.
The motorcycle gimmick is something that sounds interesting the moment you realize what is happenning, but then you play it and you just want it to end. And it never does, it just goes to a worse iteration of it before coming back. And the winning strategy sems to just smash your bike into the cars. I tried to attack with the chains and lost a lot of lives to the boss, then began to smash my bike in frustation on it and won, thanks invincible frames!
Then you hop over the truck and I cant seem to find out how I am suppose to dodhe those road signs. I just had to tank every single hit from them. And there are invisible walls on the truck that appear and disappear at will and you never know when it is safe to move on the edge. Lots a lot of lives falling down in stupid ways because there was a wall there moments ago that I was relying on.
I played this once and I can say with certain that it will be the last. I haven't felt frustration with a game like this in a looooong time. It is just not fun to try to figure out the mechanics when they are so dull and illogical and the dialogue seems like it was written by a 10 year old child with broken English.
5 out of 5 stars straight out one of the best beat em ups I've played
Good faithful beatemup, must play for any fan of the classic games !
Absolutely fantastic !
Thanks for the feedback 🙂
Best Golden Axe !!!!!Zvitor=Genius!!!!
The game itself is a dive in the past.
The gameplay though is usually frustrating. Every enemy has more range than you do, and the guarding mechanic is so clunky you'd rather spend a few HP to do the front/back slash during which you're invincible.
Magic is quite useless. Does little to no damage to big guys, only useful against small enemies, which you can very well take care of yourself.
Honestly hoped in something better. Bit of a let down.
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