Li chiamavano Bulldozer

Li chiamavano Bulldozer 3.0

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How to play version 2.0

Player controls

Press attack1 multiple times to perform a combo attack;

press attack2 to knock the opponent down with a single blow;

when jumping you can use two different attacks: press attack1 to knock the opponent down; press attack1 + down to avoid knocking them over;

approach the opponent to grab him: you can let go by pressing the reverse directional key (if you grabbed him going right press left) or land the enemy with attack1 or press back + attack1 to throw him back;

when in trouble press special to free yourself from everyone and this will cost you 5 lifebar units;

if you are on the ground press attack1 + up to perform riseattack.

Partner Menu

Press attack3 to display or remove the partner menu from the screen. Use the up and down arrow keys to select the option while using left and right to choose or change the setting at any time. If we have spawned the partner via attack1 we can change the settings at any time by displaying the menu.

Fighting mode: This is the behaviour of the partner. You can choose between defence, balanced and attack: with attack the partner will always chase the enemy, with defence the partner will always avoid the enemy, with balanced the partner walks without a certain destination.

Aggression: is the time that elapses before the partner attacks the opponent when the latter is in his attack range i.e. the reaction time. You can choose from 1 to 9 asterisks and the more asterisks you choose the faster your partner reacts and therefore the less reaction time.

Get food: choose whether your partner gets food to restore the lifebar or not. In case you choose yes and the partner has got rid of the enemies wait a few seconds to see if the partner takes it or not.

Follow caller: you can choose whether the partner stands still in the absence of enemies and obstacles (in this case automatic) or moves where he wants (manual). In both cases pressing attack4 above the partner's head will pop up the word 'call' and the partner will at any time approach us and stand still leaving enemies and obstacles alone even on the way to us and he could get food until again with attack4 we remove the call sign and he will be active again.

Respawn: you can choose whether the partner, once dead, automatically respawns (instantly) or we spawn him (manual) by displaying the partner menu on the screen and pressing attack1

Lifebar: you can choose the type of lifebar of the partner: with simple the partner will have a small bar under his feet in RPG style that will move with him while with Full HUD the lifebar will be identical to that of the player.

Spawn partner: decide which partner to spawn.


It is my duty to thank the entire OpenBOR community in particular:

Digital Brilliance Hour, who through his beautiful tutorials on YouTube, I am learning a lot

about this exceptional engine and F-Games (Kratus at for his great availability to

create at my request the scripts that allow to play with one or more CPU allies.
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