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I am releasing a beta of my free-fan game, Mega Man Power Adventure, a beat´ n up of Mega Man made in OpenBor.
Besides to shooting, the characters also beat the enemies with punches and kicks. As if it were an evolution of the idea of Megaman Power Battle/Fighter, which approached Megaman in the style of a fighting game. This, changes the gameplay to a beat´n up style.

Thanks @O Ilusionista for Hints and Scripts base.


Main Story of the game:
Ra-Moon is back and kidnaps Dr. Willy from prison. At the same time, several robots are out of control and cause chaos throughout the city.

MegaMan, ProtoMan and Bass (and Duo, who returned from space) join forces to stop the chaos with other robot masters, to stop the threat of Ra-Moon and to save Dr. Willy's life in the process.
They will have help from some NPC´s throughout the 8 stages of the game, like FlipTop (Eddie), Beat, Metols of the Dr. Light, Bunby-Tanks, BombMan...

Nine Playable characters at moment with 6 palletes:
- MegaMan (or RockMan)
- ProtoMan (or Blues)
- GutsMan
- Bass (or Forte)
- HeatMan
- CutMan
- TomahawkMan
- Duo
- IceMan

The game has 3 modes for now:

1 - Story Mode:

The Main Mode of the game.

2 - Robot Master Arena Mode:
The robots are invited to participate in the new robot master tournament (the last one was in MegaMan6), by... King.
Fight All robots from Story Mode and King as last Boss.

3 - Moto-Jet Mode:
Play the two stages riding Moto-Jet in this game (based on Moto-Jets from MegaMan 5, Megaman X4, plus Special Shot and Defense, in this game)


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