Openbor Sailormoon

Demo Openbor Sailormoon 2022.06.24

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Enjoy playing as the following in incredible stages with music from Battle Arena Toshinden Series:
  1. Sailor Moon
  2. Sailor Mercury
  3. Sailor Mars
  4. Sailor Jupiter
  5. Sailor Venus
  6. Sailor Saturn
  7. Jinrei from Guardians
  8. Tenchimaru from Oni Ninja
Programming and color separation and sprite rips by @Bloodbane
Custom Character Icon by @maxman
Extra Nightslasher's Pinocchio Puzzle sprite material by @oldyz
Tenchimaru basic sprites by @jeremiah.cuff
Openbor Engine by @DCurrent
Sprites by @rgveda99

Let me know if I forgot your name for credits.

This is open source and keep the Sailormoon Arcade Community Alive.

The goal for this year: Sailor Pluto and the office stages and a Friday the 13th stage.....
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Amazing job! I will love to play a full game openbor for Sailor Moon. I know its just a demo and will be a lot of things to be added on future. If i can do suggestions... My English isn't good, but i'll try... The Sailors could use their powers without the need of crystals. Maybe use the crystals just for a specific Hyper Move, but not for all their powers. The normal powers could use a magic bar that fills automaticly.
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