Shadows of Death

Shadows of Death 1.2

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SoD 1.2 is out! The content of this update:
  • 8 new stages: museum exterior, museum interior, prehistoric, medieval, future, futurerace, motobar, motorace
  • 8 new musics: Remember me, Mystery of the Museum, Prehistoire, Medieval song, No future, Startrek theme, Racer coffee, Shadow racer
  • 7 new obstacles : traffic cone, statue, time machine, stone monument, asteroid small, asteroid big, 2cv, 4L, 205, fuego, r5, truck
  • 12 new enemies: shadowskater, shadowraptor, shadowtrex, shadowknight, executioner, android, robot, scoop1, scoop2, scoop3, shadowcreeper, shadowleg
  • 4 new NPC (3 allies + 1 ennemy): dinocat, musketeercat, robocat, hoover (item stealer)
  • 3 new items: blender, fan , alarm
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