Super Fightin' Spirit

Super Fightin' Spirit 2021-09-13

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Ready for some fightin'? @bWWd's take on the colorful Amiga Street Fighter clone is filled to the brim with nonstop four player action, splashy effects, and brutal KOs. Try out some fighters from franchises like Double Dragon and Street Fighter for even more mayhem. What are you waiting for?

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Latest reviews

A cool idea, with a very fast paced gameplay.

It has some cool concepts, like the defeated bosses helping you on the stage stage until they are killed.

As a product of its era, it has some problems (like the red glow that happens every time an enemy is defeated, a trend that plagued games developed in OpenBOR for a while and thank God it was forgotten).

Who knows, maybe one day the author will make a revised edition of this game? :)
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