Ultimate Double Dragon

Demo Ultimate Double Dragon 0.91

No permission to download
The item is a beta or preview.
At the beginning of mission 5 there is a drum that when kicked a black cat appears: it follows me around the stage and I have no idea what to do with it; would this easter egg be?
Playing between both demo versions 0.9 and 0.8 (love the 16-bit remix provided in this one), and it is always a blast to play.
Tricky and platformer'ish level layout in mission 7B (available in ver0.9) which I realy like, as it complements the already good experiance. Can't wait for 7C in the final product.

Getting good in this game and getting used to the enemy placement and exploiting their weakness, feels so goooood and rewarding (except 2x green Abobo's, still a f*cking pain x) ).

If there is one thing I would like to see implemented, it is a skip button for the intro sequences. These are cool and interesting for the first few times, but later feels like a big flow stop.

Overall, easy 5 stars.
very good,when next update?
Incredible game. This is what I've wanted from a beat-em-up all these years. I played so many beat-em-ups wishing there was more to it than just mashing the same 5-hit combo string to beat every enemy, and wishing for a defensive mechanic of some kind. UDD sets a standard that all beat-em-up games should strive to meet. I love all the fighting game references, especially the Killer Instinct stuff. Chefs kiss. Respect to @Mr.Q!
Yeah this seems really cool. im glad i got to experience the amazing skill set your stuff has. amazing compliation of skills.
Very solid game demo.
I'm not so fan of the actual roster (for now), but it's very polished with tons of moves and references (even if some of them can sound a bit out of place). Some of the best project with the engine.

Gameplay : 5 stars
Everything else ; 3.5 stars

Good it can be downloaded in the creator's website, because all my attempts to DL it here failed.
It will be the biggest game in the history of OpenBor!!!!!!!!!!!
funny game!
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