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  1. O Ilusionista

    New official G.I. Joe game

    Yeah, I even fowarded your post to the devs, so they can work on it.
  2. O Ilusionista

    Complete Pocket Dimensional Clash 2

    Well, this one was easy and a lot of people got it right :) The next character to join Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 is Kenshin Himura, who is being drawn from scratch by the talented dan_artworks Pay him a visit! https://www.deviantart.com/dan-artworks/gallery
  3. O Ilusionista

    New official G.I. Joe game

    Well, I tried the recently released demo of G.I. Joe Wrath of Cobra for my channel. As a child who had some toys from this cartoon in the 80s (here in Brazil it was called "Comandos em Ação"), I was excited when I saw the announcement for this game, but some things worried me. Today, testing...
  4. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Avengers United Battle Force

    Dive into Avengers United Battle Force's Sentinel's path! Conquer Hydra's Anaconda, evil Cap, Sentinels, and Chrome. Colossus, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Tigra, Cannonball, Deadpool unite!
  5. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Power Rangers: it's morphing time!

    And in our next video we will have this - do you know what it is? And thank you everyone for your concern and prayers, I had recovered and I am back to work :)
  6. O Ilusionista

    Canceled rafhot Xmen arcade project

    I see the author from time to time at discord, but I haven't talked with him in ages.
  7. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android)

    This game uses OpenBOR V4, which is different from the previous versions. From V4 and beyond, the engine works like an engine, not an emulator where you can put 7687687123 games on the same folder. Also, this game works only in the engine version it was developed for (7612). Trying to use any...
  8. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android)

    I've tried the game on my Anbernic RG505 (android 12) and works perfectly. I just had to remap the buttons to the physical ones, but works without any issue
  9. O Ilusionista

    Complete Pocket Dimensional Clash 2

    And, surprisingly, Chuck D. Head (from Decap Attack - Genesis) remains the leader in player preference. It's really cool to see a forgotten character come back to life. If you've already played the game, don't forget to give your opinion here Pocket Dimensional Clash V 2.1
  10. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android)

    What is exactly your model? Because there are many RG353 models out there - RG353P, RG353M, RG353V, etc. The RG353P should be able to run the game - but only the Android version, since this game uses the newest engine Although I don't know if V4 runs on Android 11). For Linux, you probably...
  11. O Ilusionista

    Documentation Project

    but... @DCurrent literally explained above for what it's used for. I am failing to understand your question :) It severs for the engine to track the MP value an entity is spawned with. int playerMPSpawn = getplayerproperty(0, "spawnmp"); // get the first player spawn mp value
  12. O Ilusionista

    Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 - PDC2 - Version 2.1.2

    - Added information about each character's game of origin to the selection screen - Added information on how to choose character colors on the selection screen - Fixed the possibility of enemies blocking hypers movements - Correction of the moment when hyper damage is registered during some...
  13. O Ilusionista

    Complete Pocket Dimensional Clash 2

    O Ilusionista updated Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 with a new update entry: PDC2 - Version 2.1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Resident Evil: Survive - OPENBOR Game

    Looks cool. Just a feedback: the zombie walk animation has a misaligned frame, which causes a hiccup. Kong had ripped all those sprites with perfect axis, maybe you can download his sprite rips. (I need to reach him to see if it's okay to host them here)
  15. O Ilusionista

    Need Help with Slam Start, Position, Throw, Dropv (negative value)

    Yeah, like Bloodbane said, you need to increase the maxfallspeed on your stage settings. Without it, the only way to bypass this is using updatescript (like I did on the past), but changing maxfallspeed is a way better option
  16. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Avengers United Battle Force

    Showing off another powerful Quicksilver tool: autododge. There is a chance he will automatically dodge attacks, but only if he is on the ground. But it's based on percentages, as you can see at the end of the video
  17. O Ilusionista

    Complete Pocket Dimensional Clash 2

    Velberan, a famous Brazilian YouTuber, tested our game and said something that was very important to us: that the game is fun to play. That's the biggest concern when I develop a game: that it be fun to play. Everything else...is rest to me and it doesn't matter at all if the game isn't fun.
  18. O Ilusionista

    Looking For TMNT Rescue Palooza Fixed Or Lited Version

    ah no, it won't continue. In fact, its one of the very cases of silent crash (at least, in windows) - I can't remember in which version it started, but at least in V3, if you point to a non existent palette, the engine simply closes and writes nothing on the log. And its up to you to guess what...
  19. O Ilusionista

    Anyway to run OpenBOR on Dolphin?

    Yes it does, this video was recorded live with me and my friends playing PDC2 in 4 players using Parsec: Works like a charm.
  20. O Ilusionista

    ChronoCrash Modders Tools

    I could swear this is already an option (I double checked it). I agree with you, this could be an option :)
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