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  1. U

    Hyper Final Fight 3 - Return of The Black 2.5b1

    Also known as Hyper Final Fight 3 - The Peace Keepers, this fan sequel by Shin Kazahara combines the whole cast from the orginal Final Fight series and puts you in control. Are you ready for another Metro City brawl?
  2. DCurrent

    Complete Final Fight & Cadillacs 2

    Thanks to @leslie gibson for the find. @monomartin recently released this squeal to his Final Fight and Cadillacs module and it looks interesting. DC
  3. monomartin

    Final Fight & Cadillacs 2 1.01

    The follow up to Final Fight and Cadillacs, this offering refines the formula with better graphics, smoother game play, and a ton of additional features to enjoy. Try out some new weapons and guest fighters from other franchises.
  4. Mr.Q!

    Demo Fight Forever D1

    Think you've seen all Final Fight has to offer? Think again! Mr. Q brings his trademark production values and butter smooth gameplay to the Final Fight franchise and then gives it a kick in the Bay Area with dozens of nostalgic moves and an all new combo system. Give this demo a try and get a...
  5. Birnbaum

    Final Fight Revival of Rage 1.0

    Final Fight veterans Guy and Cody join up with an eclectic collection of bruisers including Zangief, Poison, Maki, and even E. Honda. Try out hidden special attacks, powerful super moves, brutal slams, and create dozens of your own combinations. Unlock new fighters along the way, you're going to...
  6. apescott

    Final Fight PC 2022-03-11

    This take on Final Fight combines the original cast with new moves and new additions from the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series. Try out alternate versions of Guy and Cody, take Maki for a spin, or choose one of the original bruisers to brawl your way through Metro City. Grab two of your buddies...
  7. Mr.Q!

    In Progress Fight Forever

    Yet another FFight mod coming from me :yay:
  8. danno

    In Progress Street Fighter 89 The Final Fight by Machok

    A new game by Machok, Street fighter 89 follows our hero's Mike, Cody and Guy in a much more fleshed out Arcade Remake Packed with new stages but maintaining that great retro feel. Have a play of the new Demo, all feedbacks welcome
  9. machok

    Demo Street fighter 89 v2.1

    Mike Haggar the mayor of Metro city's daughter has been kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. The leader of the gang Damnd contacts Haggar and informs him of the situation and to blackmail the mayor, Haggar calls up his daughter's boyfriend Cody and his friend Guy to help him rescue his daughter...
  10. MatreroG

    Scrap Metal Ring Stage 1.0, 1.1

  11. DCurrent

    Complete Scrap Metal Ring Stage

    By MatreroG (split from original topic): Scrap Metal Ring
  12. MatreroG

    Mad Gear Murky Ring 1.0, 1.1

    This stage is based on Capcom's Final Fight series, with a "Mad Gear Training" ring theme.
  13. MatreroG

    Complete Mad Gear Murky Ring

    For now there are two custom stages inspired by the Final Fight game. The first kind of like a training ground for the Mad Gear gang, and the second a fighting ring for Abigail. I'm not sure, but maybe I'll do a series of scenarios based on this game. The stages bring super jump, animation...
  14. monomartin

    Final Fight and Cadillacs 2.0

    Created by Pablo Vera, this is a crossover of Capcom's two most nostalgic beat'em up games: Final Fight and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. Two universes collide in this awesome adventure.
  15. Diversee

    Final Fight Guy (Masked) 1.0

    Final Fight Guy with masked sprite edits and new animations. Contains sprites and model text.
  16. P

    Super Final Fight Gold Plus 3.0

    Super Final Fight Gold Plus is the latest known version of the Final Fight Gold series by @Pierwolf, with authorized additions by @Don Drago. The game combines the best of Street Fighter and Final Fight with a gritty aesthetic and @Pierwolf's trademark level up system to create a unique blend of...
  17. Mr.Q!

    Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition 2021-09-17

    Final Fight vs. nuclear war? Why not?! The classic trio team up with wrestler Scorpion of Slam Masters fame to avert a world ending catastrophe. This early OpenBOR module is one of, if not the first to feature four player action.
  18. Daniel99j

    In Progress Mighty Final Fight: Forever

    Hello guys, today I released first teaser from my new project, named Mighty Final Fight: Forever. I hope you gonna like it!
  19. Birnbaum

    Complete Final Fight - Revival of Rage

    Hi everyone! I finally finished my first OpenBOR MOD. Basically its a MOD based on Capcom´'s arcade games Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha. I wish to thanks everyone for help me directly or indirectly to build the game with hints, suggestions, and criticisms about my work. I hope you like it.
  20. monomartin

    Complete Final Fight and Cadillacs

    Hello guys, I share my last work that is almost finished, Final Fight and Cadillacs, I hope you like it.
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