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  1. O Ilusionista

    Looking for Crystal graphics

    Friends, I'm looking for games that have crystal graphics that I can use (I remember finding an NES game, but I forgot the name). What I have in mind: I need to recreate the Crystal Palace / Panoptichron from the Marvel Exiles series. This is a picture of what I'm looking for: And there is...
  2. DCurrent

    Complete X-Men Hunter For Mutants

    I would just about guarantee the title is a minor mistranslation and should read "X-Men, Hunt For Mutants", but I left it as is. The game suffers from a lot of typical amatuer OpenBOR creator mistakes. In particular, use of move/offsets for motion. As a result, the whole thing has a very stiff...
  3. U

    X-Men Hunter For Mutants 1.0

    Fire up the Blackbird and get ready for another battle. The X-Men never have it easy!
  4. U

    Maximum Carnage Returns with Deadpool 2023-02-09

    From @vokilvulga: There's a thread posted by @O Ilusionista, but I'm uploading the game to keep it here as well. I visited the Heat-Games page and saw that they have started another project DEADPOOL PROJECT _ MAXIMUM CRAZY which is announced on their page. But it seems they haven't finished it...
  5. O Ilusionista

    Complete Marvel War of the Gems Full game

    This is a recreation of the SNES Marvel War of the Gems as a fighting game, using many of Zvitor's characters (under his blessing) from Marvel Infinity War, but using Mugen engine. What you find in the game: - 54 playable characters, developed exclusively for the game. - 45 stages, 42...
  6. danno

    Demo Spider-Man and Venom D 0.5

    Play as Spider-Man or Venom in this miniature playground demo.
  7. Goresickness

    Demo Superheroes D 1.0

    Pick one of several heroes and throw yourself into the Crisis on Infinite Earths story line. Are you ready?
  8. U

    Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Adventure 1.0

    MSHIA is a Brazilian offering (all text in Portuguese) utilizing a variety of Capcom sprites and Mugen creation assets thrown into the beat em' up blender. Although at its heart a BOR reskin, this offering is sure to satisfy your thirst for frenetic screen filling action. Per the author...
  9. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Marvel vs Capcom X

    All supers from Marvel vs. Capcom X, a great fan game, recently released by MvCXgame which is kinda a cross between Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2. All supers and download:
  10. Uche

    Comic Book M.U.G.E.N. Communities?

    Hi, everyone. It's been awhile. I am here to hopefully find an answer to a question that has been on my mind recently. The question concerns comic book M.U.G.E.N. communities. Are there still any that are active or are sill online? Where are they residing? I ask this because there are few of...
  11. Z

    Marvel Infinity War v100a

    My first Openbor project, Marvel First Alliance, but renamed it because "Marvel First Alliance 2 ... 3 ..." looks weird, Enjoy!
  12. Goresickness

    In Progress Demo Superheroes (Only levels, no story).

    Aquí tenéis la primera demo de Superhéroes, aún no tiene modo historia (Por ahora), espero que os guste.
  13. O Ilusionista

    Avengers United Battle Force 2.7.41

    Hydra is up to their old tricks and they aren't alone. The world is in danger again, and there's only one force equipped to to stop them. Avengers Assemble! Take control of your favorite Marvel character - with a massive cast you're sure to find them here. Master lengthy combos, powerful special...
  14. Hanzo

    Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Adventure

    Hey guys, I find another mod while surfing through Youtube and it looks to be the same author of the Beat-Em up Alliance mod its called Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Adventure and it looks pretty good in terms of quality of the sprite work
  15. O Ilusionista

    Complete Maxium Carnage Remake

    Maximum Carnage with Deadpool :)
  16. Z

    Complete Marvel Infinity War

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_nGQPH_s2Y UPDATED - Version 2.05 85 playable characters Download at: www.zvitor.com Enjoy :)
  17. O Ilusionista

    In Progress Avengers United Battle Force

    This game started as a study case from Doom, who worked with me on Bullseye, so he could learn how to code for OpenBOR. It turned into a full game. Hey guys, finally its done - First video preview: Player 1 is me and player 2 is my 9 years old son, on the stage 1b. This is a unfinished...
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