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Ah, they ARE a pain, yeah. That's sort of the issue I had trying to use screenshot methods, there's a lot going on in the background, they're all slightly different, and there's 3 on screen. It's why I wondered if there was a trick!

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no tricks just patience and replay a few times and try to keep the one I need to rip the one last alive. A bigger a problem with this game is some animations are rare for the boss to perform. Also they have a habit to trigger them offscreen. It get's crowded because there is always helper enemies in every boss fight. The game has fairly large sprites for a game that is only 320x200 resolution

I realized the Shuihuzhuan: Liangshan Yingxiong sprites are much bigger than West Adventure, so I'm not sure I can use them after all. :( I was hoping to use the fat monk as Pigsy's human form. In the lore Pigsy can increase his size as big as he wants, so maybe i can still do something with it....

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