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Hey guys, I find another mod while surfing through Youtube and it looks to be the same author of the Beat-Em up Alliance mod

its called Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Adventure and it looks pretty good in terms of quality of the sprite work

Cool ;D it's from the same guy who made "Beat 'em up Ultimate Alliance"! I like that game.
I wish there were more CPS2 style marvel OpenBOR beat 'em ups.
What i gather from the video's description is that he made it quickly (in about a week and a half) simple & short, to kill some time during the quarantine,
Thanks for sharing!
Gave this a quick play, The resolution should be bigger and I'd probably ditch the throws, jumping is pointless too, I like the sprites and animations though.
I've just finished playing through it...there's some really ingenious ideas with the use of stages and sprites, the visual aspect never gets boring.
Unfortunately i found it a bit repetitive after the first few levels, as if it dragged on for too long or felt padded out (I know this may seem like a silly critique for a beat 'em up, but i think there are ways to make it more engaging.) Maybe lower health points for the enemies?Or some more variety in the moves the player can pull out?I'm not sure...either way, it felt like grinding after a while.
It would benefit from a larger vertical playing field since the CPS2 sprites are so big, or maybe just make the resolution larger overall, i dunno. I also think the throw would have been more useful if it damaged the other enemies you are throwing them against. Also, some characters feel out of place, like...mike myers from halloween? x'D linda from double dragon, rick from splatterhouse (i'll admit he had a cool symbiote transformation, but it just seemed so random), it made no sense.
That said, it's great that someone finally made a CPS2 style marvel Openbor full game tho, which is what i've wanted for a while, other than "Marvel War of the Gems" (The OpenBOR game, not the SNES one  :D) which was pretty great, there were very few that i can remember, and they are old, and extremely short demos...gameplay wise, they did not play as well as this one did either, for all its' flaws i mentioned, i still found some entertainment value in it.
So kudos ;D
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