Night Slashers X Rebalanced

In Progress Night Slashers X Rebalanced, 21C and variants info - GainS of Function edition.... 1.31

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Not sure if someone mentioned this already, but Ortega's grab special works on certain obstacles. It's actually pretty hilarious pile-driving a barrel and you can use it to get some quick splash damage, but I doubt that was the intent.



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Because the "NS + variations" thread is a mess

+1 the contents of the mod is a mess too, looks like 10 separate modders have smashed a load of stuff together and then branched off into their own version, if I were you @oldyz I'd start again like I did and give it a more unified feel, looks messy, plays messy and pile-driving a barrel is not a good look, I understand you like the idea of variations of the same game but practically it makes everything confusing.

I would actually make Night Slashers X and rebalance it, remove the bugs add moves, weapons etc and make a good game even greater not just add random mismatched trash which makes it unbalanced.

Rebalancing shouldn't have taken longer than the original took to make, I'm in two minds weather or not to give you all my work as a new base to start from bug fixes and all.


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Rebalancing shouldn't have taken longer than the original took to make, I'm in two minds weather or not to give you all my work as a new base to start from bug fixes and all.
It would be awesome!
So @oldyz can be sure to have something stable to go ahead and add step by step some more content into it without "breaking" the game.
But he have to make sure not to transform it into a messy one after updating.


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@DCurrent ,

think that slamming barrels is funny? you should see him slamming the zombie dogs....

having said that, I think those ridiculous Ortega things shoud be "oldyverse" cannon, just polish the thing like capcom did with Dahlsim's bugs


I don't know man, you work is your thing, i would be happy to just have the current bugs worked out and make the "base levels" work exactly like they do in the original version but with the new engine for controller compatibility.
(for 21C)

Also, remember that "rebalance" its not my thing, i am willing to adapt its concepts as much as i can but in a more proper fashion, like the "Ash thing'' we talked about

that said, there are people that like rebalance better, because its content it's more easily found, and if Lifeoffnale wont do another update, there are some small mistakes that need to be polished and some stuff that is still broken in some levels.

@NED , and everyone, ''life'' its getting in the way big time, i am afraid that i have to pause things on my end well until march of '23, most of 'my' equipment has been put away and will have to make do with even more limited hardware -
all i will do is work on music loops for future updates...


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finally after some time, it seems that an online version of Openbor/rebalance has surfaced, i have tested this to no success on a win7 machine,
EDIT, it works well on windows 10 machine! & who knows if it will work on Xbone/current xbox machines....

here is the link:

also, here is a rare 3 player video of 2019 version:

courtesy of Red long plays and his channel has a live video schedjuled for today...
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Update: according to my Xbox contacts, the web version of rebalance works in xbox one, but there is an on-screen message about a controller error, even tho buttons seem to respond well
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