Platform entities limits? - a bloody problem


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Greetings again, here is the problem,
a 3d platoform causes issues with the current blood entities:

What happens is that NSX has this blood sprites that are drawn as setlayer5, so if you are on a 3D platform, the blood puddles won't show.
i tried to fix it with spawnbind, however - Spawnbind does not seem to "respect" the spawned entitie's offset.

next what i tested was making "0 altitude" platforms of the blood puddle frames, they seem to work so far but i was
wondering if so many platforms all over a level could be taxing to the system
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The function you posted is calling another function named spawn01. That's not a native OpenBOR function. Do you have spawn01 imported as part of that script?

thanks - just tested but the thing i wanted to fix was not resolved, i had abunch of other versions of spawnbind, so there is lots of testing to be done.

if you dont mind i will re-name the thread, and describe on the first post what happened
oldyz, do you have screenshots of your problems? I need to see them to understand the problem better.
oldyz, do you have screenshots of your problems? I need to see them to understand the problem better.
took me longer that i thought

1st puddle is the original one - 2nd is the platform type, 3rd is the High offset trick, 4the is High offset puddle summoned by "control"

as you can see , 1st with setlayer 5, Platform without, Highoffset & control look fine, but spawnbinded HighOffset does not, you can see the character walking behind it.
Another problem you see at the end is that eve tho Chris falls behind the elevator, he is not blocked by it visually

in the next video, the 3D elevator is active (the sprite blinks ON at 33 seconds))

--(19 to 20 seconds) platform puddle's visuals get messed up & is corrupted by 3D elevator's prescence
--spawnbinded puddle is still visible , but its higher offset is ignored
-- (33 seconds) as you can see , only platform blood & spawnbind puddle are the visual "survivors" of the special elevator sprite-
-- when Chris falls he is visually blocked at the end

Highoffset entity has subject to platform active.
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Hello -
i found a possible solution but i am worried about system performance

check out the first post for details
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