Streets of Rage 4

That mod into Skate looks so official in design! Skate looks like he's skating without wheels this time. LOL

Sorry, my keyboard just became wack a little while ago. Everytime I press the left shift key, it highlights everything in a single paragraph all the way to the left from the spacebar position. I probably will restart my computer and check the result.
Why is he staking around with no skates? 😢
Basically, The creator just wanted to get rid of skates/rollerblade.
But since there is still not way to edit numger of frames of animation, work with velocities etc. We have to stick to sprite swapping.

Another limit is the "size" of each "sprite". If you add a too bigger sprite or too small, the axis/allignement will be f* up ^^;
I did some experiment to replace Estel with a custom drawn character (since I definitely don't like this character design) and it's a nightmare to work with axis.

This is why many sprite swaps are a bit unstable in SOR4 modding community.
At list this one is very stable... even if the lack of frames make it strange^^
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