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Hey all, I just had a look at this year's weekly stats, and I'm happy to see we're trending upward. The climb is shallow, but it's there. Keep those posts, reactions, comments, and projects coming!


Also don't forget to share using the the social links.


Remember, the more traffic we have, the more talent we attract, which means more content, more games, and more fun. It also makes us better at promoting your stuff too. We're small, but we're here, and we're still growing!

I got a little curious and dug up this old wayback snapshot when we were still on Lavalit, shortly before SX's server died and I moved us here. From 2006 to 2012, the site amassed ~70,000 posts and 18,000 members.


To compare, currently ChornoCrash sits at 79,000 posts and change, with 6000+ members.


On the surface, it would appear we're losing traffic, but it's actually the opposite. Much of Lavalit's stats are bots that inflated the numbers. ChronoCrash stats are real members and real traffic.

Lavalit also operated in the peak of the forum and home-brew era. We didn't have to compete with Discord, Reddit, Steam, Gamejolt, and other big name aggregates back then. Unity and GitHUB weren't really a thing yet, and Mugen users were still stuck in their echo chambers. Now Forums are viewed as quaint, Unity and Unreal have a duopoly on game development, and anyone not using those two are trying to reinvent the wheel with an engine of their own (or copycatting ours).

Yet here we are, still growing slowly but surely. It's awesome to see and I'm hoping this year continues the trend. Discord is not your friend. GameJolt is not your friend. None of the big aggregators are. They want to monetize your traffic - I want to harness your talent. The more we grow, the more everyone benefits. Keep posting, keep sharing, keep playing! :)


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Here's another fun stat. The forum itself doesn't track total downloads (it only shows individual resource download counts), but I was doing some database maintenance and decided to run a query. Over the last year we've had 31,613 resource downloads and counting. On its own that's not a huge number, but again context applies. You can't download without registering an account, and spambots die quick deaths around here. IOW, no inflated numbers. Those are real people downloading and playing your games.

I purposely made my file downloads exclusive to chronocrash only because of this, so that the traffic here is more crowded
although many comments complaining because they need to register to be able to download, kids :LOL:
if I could upload videos directly here I wouldn't use youtube for every each video
Here's even more good news. ChornoCrash is now the 583,581'th world's most visited site. OK, yeah, half a million from the top, but that's actually pretty darn good when you consider the sheer scale of the web. More imporatnly, it's a huge jump up just from December:


Now for some random laughs, I got curious and checked out the top rankings. No real surprise in the top five, but check out 10 and 12. Turns out, there's something that can beat Amazon after all: Human nature. :ROFLMAO:

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