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I may sound like a newb, but do you guys know where I could find a nice video editor for editing video clips like cutting and stuff? I want to edit some videos after recording.


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I've done video editing for many years, I used to use Adobe Premiere the most but it doesn't sound like you need that functionality.

If you're willing to pay, Filmora is the best atm. It makes a beginning look like a pro

If you're really just cutting clips, Windows has a video editor


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depends of what you want to do,
if you want to only cut the video in sections, Avidemux cuts a video without encoding or re-encoding
but the clips can't be cut "frame -accurate" there are always about 12 to 20something frames between "keyframes" on videos, depending on their encoding parameters

one more thing , when cutting, trimming, joining videos without re-encoding, the chunks or videos to be joined have to share the exact same encoding characteristics, example:

you can join any 2 video files encoded by youtube, or any 2 video files encoded by your cell phone or tablet (same resolution and frame-rate, of course)

formats like AVI or a barely compressed mp4 or carefully compressed .h264 can feature frame-acurate cuts and edits, but they would have big sizes

there are some video editors that feature "smart encoding" that will only re-encode the first or last few frames of the video leaving the rest intact, but i have found that those types of editors have a cost -

re-encoding also has the disavantage of taking a while , while programs that do not recode the video are pretty much doing a "copy " paste of sorts of the original file

smart encoding or smart rendering program (this is the one that si mostly mentioned)

cutting videos without re-code

now if you want to do transitions, fades & other stuff, then what you are doing is taking videos , adding elements and re-encoding, so adobe premiere and the windows movie makers and such are the right tools, just make sure that the source videos are as Uncompressed and as high quality as you can get

ffmpeg is another option, and it has guis out there, but i have not found commands for "smart rendering"


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My two cents goes first to the combo Sony Vegas+XMedia Recode, but Adobe Premiere and Kdenlive are good options too.


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Thanks guys.

I try installing XMedia Recode but I get this error every time.


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I'm using Kdenlive and it turns out amazing! But how can I save the video project with a .mp4 or .avi file? I just saved it with a .kdenlive file. What can I do?

EDIT: Never mind. I got it working. I found a tutorial that is useful, so I did it anyway. :)
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