X-men Guerra dos Clones

Did you download successfully or not? If downloaded unsuccessfully, there is an interruption with downloads that happens often (in mine). So downloads section needs to get fixed. I don't think there is problem with archive, but the download progress.
Woops. After I found a link about the download issue, Beastie said something about the problem, not just downloads, he said.


Kmilloz already uploaded this link here too. :)


Good presentation, but gameplay needs polishing.

Those small robots are annoying as hell. Only some moves may target them (and some even cost MP depending on Hero), and they become invulnerable when attacking. Very annoying. >_<

Speaking of MP, I found it strange that Storm's Lighting bolt doesn't cost MP, but her forward dash does.  :p

Some moves are too slow, and you get hit before hitting anything. Particularly Cyclops' kick (F F A).

Also, you could increase the Z-axis attack range, making them hit a wider area: these characters are BIG, it feels weird that you can't hit anything standing *exactly* in front of you.

Offsets need some adjusting.

The play area feels too small, and the ninjas can hit you from outside the screen, with little room to maneuver away from them (and you can't block either). They could be made subject to the screen borders, but I'm not sure this would help. I know it would require you to change almost everything in the game, but it would benefit to increase the screen resolution.

The story looks good, and the cutscenes are amazing (though I found the opening sequence too long). Dialogue seemed forced at times, I couldn't really "hear" them speak, but that may be just me.

And yes, it would be better to have an English version so people feel more motivated to try your game (and play for longer time) and give you better feedback.

Overall, I like the game, so don't take my comments too hard, but it needs polishing. ^^'
looks nice but based on gameplay seems like a w.i.p you should work more on the gameplay then release again !
I appreciate the feedback from everyone, but many things have been done with this very purpose, some moves spend MP and others not, that is to match the players ... As for the language, did the language of my country, because I wanted to make a story with details and I found no one to translate into English because I do not have mastery of the language ... The movements of the players if they are run at the correct distance, full combos without error or interruption of enemies, just being in the correct position ... Thanks to everyone who played and commented! ;D
You can ask me kelvin if you write the story out in your best english I can edit and grammer check for you..
Though I'm lacking free time these days, I can help with the text too. I'm Brazilian,  btw :D
Não tenho muito tempo livre ultimamente, mas posso ajudar com a tradução. Sou brasileiro :D
I had a thought that you could translate Portuguese to English, erf_beto. ;D You could do it. ;) I did have a feeling you would do it.
so bad thag you will not improve the gameplay, despise of what everybody is saying here.
the mod looks pretty good  :). but looks and play are different.
Die_In_Fire said:
so bad thag you will not improve the gameplay, despise of what everybody is saying here.
the mod looks pretty good  :). but looks and play are different.

I will not dismiss what they say here, I'll start doing the translation into English of the scenes, but the gameplay will not change, since the intention of this mod is to make an oldschool style, not a game with millions of movements ... see the videos on youtube or on my blog, the game goes smoothly ...
Upgrade mod Xmen Guerra dos Clones, Now with two languages, Portuguese - Brazil and English. I hope you can understand the story, because I have a doctorate in English language.
esn23 said:
who are the  playable chars in this?
esn23 said:
who are the  playable chars in this?
There's no Emma if you are wondering about it.
You can choose cyclops, nightcrawler, wolvie, storm and beast.
you gave Emma to be a playable char on this mod?
Okay guys I really need some help and suggestions.  I need a San Francisco Metropolitan stage for the first level.. It would be easy if it was normal bor but sense im doing a platform type game I need a good City Platforming Stage.. I dont mind ripping it from a game I just need to be pointed in the correct direction
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