KunioLA V1.52

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*Cancel the LV limit of charging attack, now the charging time is 2 seconds to release, "Trinty" has LV for 3 seconds to increase damage
*Fix ui some death disappear issues
-Fixed when the secret player (BOSS) is activated, the secret player (BOSS) can be randomized
This is a small stable update
-Fix all enemy knocked down attack frames
- Adjust zoom effect
- Some ui adjustments
- Throwing weapon landing speed adjustment
- Adjusted johnny running attack
-Adjust Mei Ling's shovel skills, adjust Ryuji's iron chain skills
-Add secret BOSS (hero) to unlock (input ↑↑↓↓←→←→ in the player selection interface) and there is a prompt sound effect to indicate that it is unlocked
-Adjust the random hero, he will not randomize to BOSS players (Trinty, Kim, Mr.k) now
-Adjust some details

Thanks to my friends and some members of the forum for their help
* Added the coin (AddCredits) function, you can press the AddCredits button in the game to increase Credits, similar to an arcade
*The same sprite can now be selected, and the recognition of parrow in the game has been added
* Random sprites can now be selected outside of story mode (similar to question mark selection in fighting games)
* Add some extra menu options
* mr.k skin color change
* mr.k (boss) remaining 50% blood increases AI and increases random chance damage increased by 1.3 times
*Adjust the appearance of enemies in some levels
*Cancel the signature of the completed game, as well as optimization of the Hall of Fame. Now the game returns to the menu or exits without recording the ranking
This is a new update
1: Johnny's running attack bug has been fixed. It can smash other players, and the grab action will be performed on the hegemony enemies and obstacles. Now it is fixed.
2: Select sound effect change
3: Android button layout 3 is changed to the operation that the public likes
4: The storyline is all changed to Chinese
5: Add KIM block counterattack function and meet the conditions prompt (mp energy is on the red line, if the conditions are not met, the red line will be displayed), LV3 can hold for continuous defense, LV6 can defend against counterattack (press or hold SKILL-2 after the defense is successful ) 6: Add TRINITY to use the leaping stunt or wall bounce SP prompt is consistent with the MP red line
7: Adjust some attack damage of TRINITY
8: The ESC test function button is changed to the screenshot button
9: Fix some problems.
10:Optimize mp usage prompt LV/OK
11:Block counterattack small changes,
12:Added charge attack extra menu option switch
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