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  1. Bloodbane

    Complete Fruits Survivors

    I've made this game in a week for Brackeys Game Jam whose theme is : An end is a new beginning. I've wanted to create another metroidvania for the jam but decided to create something new (at least for me) which is a game inspired by Vampire Survivors. The result is this game : Fruits Survivors...
  2. Bloodbane

    Fruits Survivors 1

    This is my entry for Brackeys Game Jam whose theme is : An End is a new Beginning This is also my take on Vampire Survivors trend, creating a game inspired by that game. Control scheme: - Numpad keys = Move around. - X = Shoots projectiles. - Enter = Confirm/Pause the game. - F8 = Take a...
  3. osman_color

    Symphonia Battalion 2023-02-18

    Symphonia Battalion is a real-time strategy game programmed on this engine (Openbor of course) you command a series of units with a cursor and card system, you can unlock and use a series of cards to summon new warriors like soldiers, archers , beasts and even siege machines to fight waves of...
  4. B

    Demo Snail N Turtle 0.5

    It's classic 2D platforming with HD graphics and a unique flavor all its own. One of several related developmental projects, Snail N Turtle is exactly what it says. Guide your green hued protagonists through a beautifully animated 2D world that's every bit as wondrous as it is dangerous.
  5. NuMetalMessiah

    Demo The Suffering In Me 0.1.0

    This upcoming "Rage Style" Beat em' up Game takes the combat system and the story to an entire new level. From the minds of one of the openBor masters 2 @msmalik681 and musical artist "The NuMetal Messiah" Michael Black, comes a story about loss and longing that involves love, pain, death...
  6. Bloodbane

    Complete Fruits Frenzy

    This is my entry for Ludum Dare 51 whose theme is : Every 10 seconds. The theme reminds me to Blue Bullet Bintang which has same theme. However, instead of creating another shmup, I decided to create eatmup instead 😁. Play this game to see what I mean by that.
  7. Bloodbane

    Fruits Frenzy 1

    This is my entry for Ludum Dare 51 whose theme is : Every 10 seconds. Eat fruits in this fruits space. Eating the wrong one will lose you score while eating the correct one will earn you score. How long can you survive and how much score can you get? Control scheme: - Numpad keys = Move...
  8. Bloodbane

    BroomStickBot 1

    This is my entry to VimJam 3. The jam focus is Multi-use and the theme is Turn Up the Heat. Story: You are tasked to turn up the heat of the underground base. There are vile pests around so get upgrades to help you killing them. Don't forget to sweep the weeds also! After the heat has reached...
  9. Bloodbane

    Pew Pew Dadu 1

    This is my entry to GMTK Game Jam 2022. Play as a Dice who can shoot! Survive as long as you can while collecting coins to earn score. Controls: NumPad keys = move Dadu and aim shooting Z = Jumps X = Shoots (shooting pattern depends on shown number) Enter = Pause or confirm F8 = Take...
  10. Bloodbane

    Demo Fire Leaf Water 1

    Want to play puzzle game with Rock Paper Scissors theme? This is the game! Pick and drop a block on top of weaker block to destroy the latter. This demo contains 50 story levels and one endless mode.
  11. Fil Padovani

    In Progress The adventures of Fred

    I've been a lurker in this forum for years but now I finally had the courage to post and share about the project I've been working all this time. I might change the name in the future but it will likely be something like this. This a Beat'n'up game featuring original characters and story made...
  12. T

    Gudule 1.0

    Gudule is an all-original project by @tontonMayonnaise, who had created these characters years before in middle school before putting them to use in an OpenBOR project. The game is set in a sword and sorcery world with humorous aesthetics and anthropomorphic pigs serving as adversaries. Players...
  13. Kalcetin Studio

    NCKGame The Troll Warrior 1.9

    NCKGame is an Arcade game, for 1 or 2 players and is available on Itch.io at a symbolic cost, but with the option of supporting me with an extra amount, whatever your heart dictates. The download of the game gives you both versions: Windows and Android, each one has voices in Spanish and...
  14. Aerisetta

    In Progress FEMTALITY (18+)

    Hi everyone, Latest Trailer: TAG TEAM MODE! Latest: V0.1 Alpha Trailer (Censored Version) Game is now available at my patreon Aerisetta is creating Eroge Fighting Game | Patreon. Here is a video of the combat, don't worry there is NO NSFW content in this video. HOWEVER, the game DOES...
  15. kimono

    Shadows of Death 1.2

    Shadows of Death is a simple button mashing survival game where Billy must fight against the Shadows to not lost his soul :). It's an original idea by Eric Cubizolle who have made all the original gfx in CPC style, musics composed by Pulsophonic.
  16. Daniel99j

    Head Hunters 1.94

    Aiden “Hawk” Hawkins and Bradley “Brad” Wright are the Head Hunters, a crime fighting duo who are ready to take out the gangsters and thugs from the entire city. Along the way they discover the man behind it all, an evil mastermind named Synestro. What will be the outcome? It all depends on you.
  17. TrevNethers

    Faderhead's Fistful of F*** You 2.0

    This is a game based on the music video of the song of the same name by Faderhead, and it features other songs from the band. Fight your way through the streets as one of four characters in an effort to get to the concert.
  18. mulambo

    Demo First Fight 1.0

    Mugen developer Mulambo's first OpenBOR creation, a modified Hyper Final Fight to create an all-original experience with original graphics.
  19. Bloodbane

    Rainbow 2.0.0

    Easy to learn, tough to master, fun to play. Fly the Rainbow star ship and destroy colored boxes blocking your path. Sound easy? Only the right colored shot will do. You can fire red, green, blue, or yellow beams, but only one at a time and time is running out fast!
  20. Bloodbane

    Tanks vs. Tanks 2.0

    Tanks vs. Tanks is an all original game developed as an entry for Kenney Jam 2021. It is a a strategy puzzle game similar to Plants vs. Zombies, with a tank theme. Deploy your units to stop the enemy tanks! 7 Tank types to deploy 4 obstacle types 5 attack items to deploy 7 Red Tank types 4...
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